There are many different meanings and explanations for the word ‘meditation’.

The Latin ‘ Meditor’ means to think or consider, the Sanskrit word for meditation ‘Madha’ means wisdom. Meditation is a state of consciousness in which a person goes deep within themselves focussing the mind and eliminating outside influences to produce a state of deep peace and relaxation.

After this deep quiet ending of the mind, an ability to listen to one’s own thoughts and preserve the mind, body and spirit is produced. Once this is achieved, you can move deeper into expanding the spiritual awareness.

What are the different types of Meditation?

Guided Meditation.

These are visual guided journeys to aid relaxation, empowerment and spiritual awareness.

Transcendental Meditation.

This technique was developed by Maharishi Mahesh- a yogi- and uses a mantra as a focus of the mind. A Mantra is a sound, syllable or word which is repeated over and over to relax and still the consciousness. Repeated practice of this technique will lead to a transcendental state.

Zen Meditation

Often known as silent meditation it stems from Buddhist Meditation. A mental practice to go beyond the logic mind into deeper thought and freedom from the mind, words and logic.

Vipassana Meditation

This is an insight meditation form. It encourages awareness to thoughts, feelings and ego perceptions in a non-attached way..(eg who am I?)

Taoist Meditation

This involves meditating with the energy body through movement.

What benefits are there to Meditating?

  1. Reduces levels of stress and anxiety
  2. Helps to reduce physical pain and boost the immune system
  3. lowering blood pressure and increased blood flow to the brain
  4. Encourages deep relaxation and feelings of peace
  5. Focuses the mind and promotes deep sleep
  6. Increased concentration
  7. Enhances creativity and opens the mind to new ideas
  8. Identifies and balances emotions
  9. Can create a deeper understanding and awareness of other people
  10. Can help to connect you to your spiritual purpose/direction
  11. Can help with creating your day and making grounding decisions.