Boost your business performance!

Would you like to boost your business performance or have more buy in from your employees- perhaps support your students with tools and techniques that can help them achieve their potential? If so we offer tailor made Workshops to schools and Corporations to support your Wellbeing needs.

Every Broadland High School student that worked with Cathy felt better for doing so.

The students developed coping strategies and found the hypnosis work to be particularly effective in reducing anxiety and emotional stress. Some of the superlatives used to descibe Cathy and her work were ‘AMAZING’ ‘EXTREMELY HELPFUL’ ‘100% WORTH IT’. The school have decided to use Cathy to help the year 10’s prepare for GCSE Science and their mocks.Thank you Cathy!

Thanks to the wonderful Green Room Therapy, invaluable wellbeing education skills available for life for our Inspiring Females to use throughout life at Norwich High. Thanks Cathy.

Corporate Wellbeing

We work with your Corporation to bring Empowerment and Connection to your employees. With our corporate background we recognise that happy employees means great customer service which in turn increases performance and  therefore profits. Intelligent Business starts with the investment  of it’s employees, giving corporate wellbeing a crucial part to play in the future success of your business. This maybe in the form of-

  • Stress Management
  • Goal Recognising/Motivation/Setting
  • Team Motivation/Connection
  • Empowerment of Individuality in Business
  • Confident Presentation Skills
  • Customer Service Skills/ Language/Body Language

School Support

We work with Schools to offer workshops for Exam Season and for general wellbeing. These techniques have been developed with students over the last four years within local schools and colleges, and so are completely authentic. Their focus is to help students and parents/carers to work with a combination of practical and emotional support by learning ways to achieve calm and focus at this pressured time- to be able to achieve what they set out to achieve confidently. This maybe in the form of-


Exam wellbeing workshops

(90 minutes each)

These are for groups of up to six students to work through a variety of tools and techniques to support wellbeing in exam season for calm, control and motivation and may include-

  • Understanding the biology of emotions/the effect of this when trying to achieve
  • Practical tips for students and parents/carers
  • Constructive/Positive revision planning and essential rest breaks
  • Clearing individual emotional fog/obstacles around exam stress
  • E.F.T. coaching to stop the stress spiral
  • Self Calm- Breathing techniques
  • Summertime Fun-time- Future forecasting
  • Guided visualisations for empowerment

Stress, Anxiety and Empowerment Meditations

(60 minutes each)

These are for groups of up to 20 students/teachers and are six 45 minute meditations to support relaxation, wellbeing and empowerment and include-

  • Relaxation for the body
  • Finding a deep inner stillness
  • Leaving the stress of the world behind
  • Letting go of fears/anxieties
  • Connecting to an inner love
  • Listening to your intuition, manifesting your future and feeling empowered