The month of February brings thoughts of love ..all sorts of love. Love for oneself, family and of past lovers, soul mates and lovers who we are yet to meet.

So much love in fact is available to us in so many different ways and yet so many people are still searching…..why?

What is our relationship with love? Why do we need so much to feel this love and feel fulfilled by it? It’s so much more than just procreation, how many people do you know who have had children and are still searching for this fulfilment. Are the expectations we set for love even real? There are so many different forms of love it is almost impossible for one person to ever complete that tick box of the complete ultimate love isn’t it- Instead perhaps ask yourself what love fits with you…now that’s an interesting perspective.

Valentines Wishes

I work with so many different clients who have their own tick list of a perceived love and when we start to understand what that really means for them the results are very interesting. Some are still hung up on a past lover and no one will ever compare, some have a crazy long tick list for example ‘they must be blonde, size 8, no kids, be a model and culinary genius’, some have perceived gains for finding love an example would be ‘If I get married and find that guy I can stop working in that job I hate and I will live happily ever after’, some don’t realise quite how magical they are and need to realise a self love before anyone will be ready to see them. (I jest with my examples but you get the idea)  The point being that until we figure out what we are actually looking for how could we be in with a chance of finding it- it’s far too complicated.

Spiritual beliefs of love suggest that we are destined to be with Life partners and Soul Mates and in different ways. If you have a strong connection to someone on what feels like a soul level you may have connected to a soul mate. As incarnation of the soul moves you through different life cycles this could be someone of the same sex as you that you may have connected with in another lifetime. The purpose of a soul mate is to help, annoy and provoke your soul evolve through different lessons as you grow and so often you may have a love/hate relationship with them. A life partner is a very different thing- this is a partner for you in this life and so while the love is there is it on a different level that you feel it. This often comes up with clients when they feel drawn/magnetised/ compelled  to someone or if they feel they have experienced a disconnect to a soul mate and want to explore this further- these would be in a Past Life Regression Session or if clients want to connect to their loved ones in the future a Future Life Progression session. Pets can also be included ….yes really. Often the bond between people and their pets is so intense it can also create soul connections too.

Whatever you are searching for with love….I hope you find it in the most authentic way for you and if you need a little help connecting to what that means for you I am running a special price offer for the whole month of Feb just Quote –FebLove when booking.