Upgrade your energy with Reiki Healing


When you consider that everything is energy – I wonder how much time do you spend nourishing yours?


You can upgrade your energy with Reiki healing- Reiki is an ancient Healing treatment that works with the energy body  to help you to nourish and heal any imbalances you may be carrying. These maybe physical, mental, emotional or spiritual imbalances and the beauty of this healing practise is that you don’t need to know or indeed talk about what these may or maynot be. The healing will always come to you in the way you need it to without any direction. If you don’t fancy going through psychotherapy or counselling or perhaps are having a tough time without the ability to presently change the circumstances of your situation Reiki Healing maybe a treatment you consider as it holds your space for you while you gently heal without words.

Often clients will descibe inner journey’s they have been on as they experience the Reiki flow, connecting to past situations that they are ready to let go of, perhaps support from loved ones who are in spirit, or a more general sense of their aura or chakras. It’s personal and so will always be what is right for you.

The NHS are now including this ancient healing treatment in their Occupational Health toolkit for patients who have recieved chemotherapy and radiotherapy to help rebuild the energy body after treatment, so good to see it becoming more mainstream and for the benefit of more people.

The Reiki treatment itself is an hour in length, all you have to do is relax. At my practise you would lay on a massage bed, listen to relaxing music, enjoy the insence and candles and take some quiet time for yourself as the energy healing is sent to your body from your head all the way down to your feet giving you and energy upgrade.

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