Spiritual Workshops at The Green Room Therapy – Norwich

Only £30 per class

Our Spiritual workshops are held on Sunday mornings and are two hours in length. We explore a variety of exciting subjects that are all spiritually based.

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Up and coming workshops with the soonest dates available are on the tickets to your right, you’d be very welcome to join us.

Monthly Spiritual Workshops – Norwich

When you begin to learn about holistic wellbeing there is so much to explore and it can feel very exciting.

You could be a crystal admirer, interested in the moon phases, chakra system, tarot to name a few. This is why every month we offer a Spiritual Workshop always held on a Sunday morning in our very special space at Mangreen Country House, Norwich. Our workshops are two hours in length and include a cuppa so you can ease into the morning’s lesson at the right pace for a Sunday.

Each workshop is on a new subject each month and are limited in number so if of interest to you please do book ahead to secure your place.

In the workshops you will learn about the subject matter, make notes in your journal and enjoy a guided meditation on the subject of the workshop.

These sessions also preceded the monthly Crystalline Soundbaths so you may choose to make the full day a Self Care Sunday and treat yourself.

Just make sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Soul Mates Spiritual Workshop


Spirit Guides Spiritual Workshop

Meet your Spirit Guides

Light Bathing Spiritual Workshop

Light Bathing

Moon Phases Spiritual Workshop

By the light of the Moon

Past and Future Lives

Past and Future Lives

Soul Gifts Spiritual Workshop

Uncover your Soul Gifts

Earthing for Empaths Spiritual Workshop

Earthing for Empaths

Crystals for Beginners Spiritual Workshop

Crystals for Beginners

Manifesting Spiritual Workshop

Manifesting Chamber

Inner Temple Guidance Spiritual Workshop

Inner Temple Guidance