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Spiritual Workshops at The Green Room Therapy – Norwich

Spiritual Development Group

Our Spiritual workshops Norwich are offered to those who wish to develop their spiritual awareness, practices and knoweldge. They are held on weekend mornings and are two hours in length. We explore a variety of non dinominal subjects that are spiritually, scientifically, and psychologically based.

To get a sense of the vibe of our classes, please click on the circles below and also note that we explore so many exciting subjects these are just a small selection of what we will cover.

Monthly Spiritual Workshops – Norwich

When you begin to learn about holistic wellbeing there is so much to explore and it can feel very exciting.

You could be a crystal admirer, interested in the moon phases, chakra system, tarot to name a few. This is why every month we offer a Spiritual Workshop always held at the weekend in our very special space at Mangreen Country House, Norwich. Our workshops are two hours in length and include a cuppa so you can ease into the morning’s lesson at the right pace.

New groups are invited throughout the year, and are held as a closed circle group. The expectation to be included in the group is to attend every month, this supports your progress and means you will also feel more comfortable to explore your practices with the same familiar faces.

To be added to the wait list for the next available development group please contact me here.

Soul Mates Spiritual Workshop


Spirit Guides Spiritual Workshop

Meet your Spirit Guides

Light Bathing Spiritual Workshop

Light Bathing

Moon Phases Spiritual Workshop

By the light of the Moon

Past and Future Lives

Past and Future Lives

Soul Gifts Spiritual Workshop

Uncover your Soul Gifts

Earthing for Empaths Spiritual Workshop

Earthing for Empaths

Crystals for Beginners Spiritual Workshop

Crystals for Beginners

Manifesting Spiritual Workshop

Manifesting Chamber

Inner Temple Guidance Spiritual Workshop

Inner Temple Guidance