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Soul Transformation Therapy (STT) 

Soul Transformation Therapy (STT) was first introduced in 2014 by Blue Marsden, this modality is used as a core issue therapy.

Soul Transformation Therapy aims to clear stuck patterns, blockages, and other emotional challenges that a person has undergone to achieve a clearer sense of awareness and free them from these burdens.It’s also a very effective spiritual healing and self-development method that helps overcome a range of issues to draw together the personality with the soul.

How does Soul Transformation Therapy work?

The technique stems from the premise that most modern ailments arise from the disconnectedness that we experience.  This is a theory which sits with belief systmes such as Shamanism, tarot and the ‘theory of Archetypes’ (Carl Jung). Jung believed that our mind is not divided into two categories; conscious and unconscious, but that we have much deeper layers that recesses mental structures with built personalities accordingly. Jung called them Archetypes of the collective unconscious.These archetypes are components of the collective unconscious and serve to organize, direct, and inform human thought and behaviour. They are innate universal pre-conscious psychic dispositions that form the layer from which the basic themes of human life emerge.

Through a process similar to Jungian synchronicity, Shamanistic Soul retrieval and tarot a Soul Transformation Therapy practitioner can diagnose an individual’s core issues to support personal and spiritual development. By becoming aware of the unconscious blocks that hold you back, reintergrating the missing soul fragments, balancing the energy around the blocks you can let go of the stuck behaviour pattern to truly liberate yourself.

What Does a Soul Transformation Therapy Practitioner Do?

Soul Transformation Therapy that uses a Soul Archetype Tarot deck to diagnose a polarity that affects us, and then address the challenges or issues that prevent us from fully connecting with our purpose and potential at any time. An STT practitioner uses several healing interventions to clear mental and emotional blockages. This healing method aims to resolve issues and focuses on methods based on trauma release, energy psychology, shamanic soul retrieval along with effective counselling techniques.These draw out the unconscious blocks of a person into the conscious to liberate them from these burdens. Depending upon the needs of the person, this therapy can act as a standalone or a series of sessions.

What kind of healing interventions are used during the session?

  • Cord Balancing and Vow Break to release cords and vows holding one in limitation
  • Trauma release, which is a unique and gentle yet powerful energy psychology technique to release emotions
  • Soul retrieval, which focuses on guiding the client into a deep state of unconsciousness to allow for healing on an energy level and / or identify with unintegrated parts of the self
  • Archetype Work / Parts Dialogue, which is similar to Jungian archetypes, psychosynthesis, and subpersonality work
  • Odic Bonding, which is a powerful intervention to heal mother-issues and connection to the Divine Mother
  • Soul Plan Hologram / Akashic Reading to receive higher guidance and wisdom from the Akash and the client’s guides
  • Boundary Tapping with Polarity Infinity Rewiring for releasing deep, stuck emotions and to assist the client in setting healthy boundaries
  • Boundary Tapping for Control Issues to release deep, stuck emotions related to control issues
  • Channeling of information by the practitioner in a way that may benefit the client
  • Energetic Healing and Balancing

What will the Session include?

  • Some counselling about the issue
  • An exploration and diagnosis of the deeper issue and the correct intervention for healing
  • The Healing Intervention
  • 10 minutes feedback and grounding

This session can be a stand alone session or a natural follow on from the Soul Plan Reading session, you can find all details here.