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Soul Plan Reading – Reconnect to the energy you were born with to understand your true life purpose

Soul Plan Reading is the interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis. This method uses numerology, sacred symbols and vibrational frequencies to understand the energies we were born with in this incarnation and help remind you of your Soul Destiny that you planned for this time around.

Soul Plan offers a fascinating way of understanding these energies in specific areas of your life so you may reflect, heal and confident in the direction of your life. Everything created has a vibration, this vibration connects to the energies we are constantly drawing and giving out, when we are aware of these using the Soul Plan system we can align the correct aspects of our worldly and spiritual existance. There is no confusion as to purpose. This is simply the law of attraction.

When doing so you realise your true nature and are able to make confident decisions that sit more authentically with the life you set for yourself. More and more people are now coming to this realisation and Soul Plan can be a significant catalyst in deepening this process. When this fully occurs there is a sense and experience of our Soul Plan unfolding naturally.

Soul Plan Reading
Soul Plan Reading
Soul Plan Reading

Soul Plan Reading is based upon the vibration of the letters that appear in your birth name.

The method has been derived from the ancient texts the Sefer Yetzirah which explores creation of apparent reality through sound, letter and word. It also includes a method of gematria channelled by Dr Frank Alper 1930-2007. Frank initially introduced this work in the US before moving to Switzerland with his wife and workshop translator Katharina Alper where he refined it further (Frank and Katharina Alper’s website).

In the Soul Plan system the interpretations have been modernised and expanded by Blue Marsden who has also channelled additional material which highlights the non dualistic theme that lies at the heart of this work. Blue also made the connection between Franks original work and the ancient text the Sefer Yetzirah and added more depth to the interpretations based on this.

Since Frank’s passing Katharina Alper has co authored the German version of Blue’s Soul Plan book, shared archive material with him and worked with Blue to continue Franks spiritual legacy.

In this present format, Soul Plan Reading is a remarkably powerful and accurate system of life purpose guidance, spiritual counselling and healing. Furthermore this work has a relevance to all aspects of life and amongst many possibilities can be employed for name optimisation, business readings, relationship compatibility and healing of core limiting beliefs, old patterns and issues.

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What does a Soul Plan Session Include?

We will begin your Soul Plan session with a fact finding phone call to prepare the details needed for your Soul Plan session. The session itself will be around an hour in length and will include:

  • An explanation of how Soul Plan works, the heritage, symbols and energy frequencies
  • Your personal reading (the main part of the session)
  • A handout of your personal energies in all areas to take home including- Worldly challenges, Worldly talents, Worldly goals, Spiritual challenges, Spiritual talents, Spiritual goals, and of course ultimate Soul Destiny.
  • Personal handrawn Soul Plan grid to keep and frame.
  • A review of limiting beliefs/energy blocks for additional healing support available using Soul Transformation Therapy.