Relationship Support

for past, present and future relationships

Relationships are one of the most complex elements in our lives and so often we can misunderstand them or misunderstand ourselves within them so relationship support can be very helpful to review

Relationship Support

The type of relationship support you may benefit from is wide and varied

and so to name a few this could mean a current relationship, a past relationship still affecting you, the search for a relationship and the pressure of this, connection to a soulmate, perhaps wanting to move forward into another life to see if your’ partner is still with you.

Relationships are one of the most intrinsic and complicated parts of being human

we crave them and on a much deeper level than just procreation- we yearn for this connection and so they can become very challenging to navigate. We can become stuck in relationship patterns, unrealistic expectations or even search for someone to ‘complete us’  for all sorts of reasons and understanding your own version of this is so empowering to make informed choices for yourself moving forward. When you know authentically has kept you stuck and found peace with whatever that means for you, you can heal these imbalances and connect to the future you deserve.

Depending on what it is that you would like to explore with your relationship whether past, present or future we can use a combination of hypnotherapy, EFT, Talk therapy, CBT, Past Life Regression or Future Life Progression to access the answers within the subconscious mind and energy.

Sessions required vary from client to client but averagely range between 1-6 sessions.