Reiki training in Norwich

We love to share our passion and knowledge in our Reiki Training days Norwich. These are held at weekends where possible to accommodate busy lives.

People are drawn to Reiki for a variety of different reasons, some for personal use or for family and friends and for some it can feel like a soul calling- a need to help others on their healing path. However this calls to you, you are most welcome.

Reiki Training Norwich for all Levels

There are many forms of energy healing, and as such it is important to highlight our approach is the Traditional Japanese form of Usui Reiki. We have a direct lineage to Dr Usui and this means the quality of the teaching is pure and traditional from the source. I believe in teaching small groups to ensure you get individual support and have the opportunity to ask anything that comes up as you learn. All notes are provided so you can really get involved with the prctical learning throughtout the day, rather than desperately scribbling down notes which can be a distraction.

Holistic Training Norwich
Holistic Training Norwich

Reiki Shares and The Green Room Therapy Accreditation

We recognise that people come to Reiki Healing training for a variety of different reasons, which is of course to be welcomed.

It is also important to highlight those who live, act and are Reiki in a different way. Those who ‘practice what they preach’ and are the first to raise their hand when people are in need of healing. Those who really live through intention and love, which are of course the foundations of what a true Reiki Healer represents.

I see a variety of people with this training and recognise the latter as a standard of Green Room Excellence with our Accreditation programme.

This accreditation is set as a series of CPD sessions- offered after the Level Two certification. This is a year long personal support programme to extend, build and practice the volume of information you need to master for this best practice. It is a time to build confidence in your new abilities with practical supervision time.

As a UK Reiki Federation Master Teacher I adhere to the highest standards which is recognised within the industry. Delegates are expected to attend every session (dates given for the full year ahead to make this easy to plan) and take part in two of our charitable projects which are arranged on your behalf.

Once the year is completed you will be offered the opportunity to complete 3 case studies which when successful will give you Green Room accreditation, you will be included on our website celebrating your best practice standards and be able to use our association logo. Those who wish to consider Reiki Master Level will thereafter be able to apply.

Reiki Shares are offered on Sunday Afternoons in our Sanctuary building.