Welcome to ReAlign ™

Energy Ascension through awareness, healing, and development.

When people first consider energy ascension work it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin. This can mean people find themselves dipping in and out of different approaches with no set path of their overall journey of work, which can be limiting.

Energy evolement is a process that takes time, time to understand, empower, and connect to what is important in this incarnation of your soul.

We all have a variety of ingredients that contribute to where we find ourselves at any given time. These include personality, trauma, D.N.A., energetic imprints from past lives, epigenetics, soul age, and lifes’ purpose which are all triggered, influenced and directed by the environmental energies that surround us. So it’s no wonder it can feel complicated.

We hold all of this energetic information within ourselves, without consciously paying it, or the power it has over us, too much consideration in everyday life.

Since 2012 we have been moving into exciting new energetic times which require a far deeper awareness of ourselves than ever before. Single modality or purely cognitive based approaches to this work have long since been outgrown. ReAlign™ draws upon modern day psychology, ancient healing methods, and energy work (spirituality) to trancend our individual life lessons into soul ascension.

Our ReAlign™ Sessions

These sessions can be booked individually or as a program of work, email for further details.