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ReAlign the alchemical way

Spiritual Circle

My inclusive approach to spiritual development means you will be guided to realise what spirituality means for you, through your experiences within the work

My spiritual development groups are offered to those who wish to nurture their awareness, practices and knowledge. They are held in person, over one weekend per month and explore a variety of non-denominal subjects that are spiritually, scientifically and psychologically based.

Spiritual Circle

I offer closed group classes as I find that when members work with the same people each month, they tend to feel more comfortable and confident to speak out and develop in a more relaxed atmosphere.

I will not tell you what to believe, which path to take, or put pressure on you to heal areas of your life which you may not be ready to do. This is not my role, nor should it be it’s yours.. Pure spiritual development is a beautiful and messy thing. It is light and shade, it is honest and humble in nature. This takes time and care. However with an open heart, a steady pace and a hand to hold, spiritual ascension is available to us all if we choose it. My role is as your Guide.

The Alchemy of our classes take you on a fascinating journey of energies through rituals, meditations and exercises which include the elements, the angelic realms, the chakras, crystals, the tarot, the healing frequencies of light and sound, through the ancient wisdom of the Qabala.

As you work, I am also on hand to support the more personal aspects of your journey.This is offered by separate appointment on request.

Access to online information is also given as you develop so you can continue outside of class if you choose to.

With a number of circle groups already established I also offer social events for the wider community, when possible, throughout the year. There is no obligation to attend, it’s just a lovely way to connect with like-minded souls if it’s of interest.




‘No two trees are alike. This is yours and yours alone. Grow, stand tall amongst the stars.’ David Wells 

‘No two trees are alike. This is yours and yours alone. Grow, stand tall amongst the stars.’ David Wells 

I just wanna show gratitude to you and that I have connected with you in this lifetime. The guidance and home that I feel when, once again I understand myself more through you.

You already know that you are a light in this world and the knowledge you hold is amazing! Thank you for being you and guiding the source.

Thank you for everything, I feel very lucky to have met you and been guided towards starting my journey and am excited to see what 2024 will bring.

I know you can see into hearts and I am so hoping that you can see what is in mine.....the most enormous gratitude and sense of blessing and privilege for all you have done for me and for being able to be part of something magnificent for so long. THANK YOU.

Cathy is the most amazing person. I had a very successful hypnotherapy session with her. She has a wonderful, unique way of making you feel at ease, and with such a calming voice, she took me to a complete state of relaxation like I had never experienced before. So highly recommend. Thank you Cathy X. Cant wait to start with all the other exciting groups! Thank you so much for enriching my life!

I had just one session of Reiki on my back, and the results were amazing, all the tension and strain went. Thank you

I felt so welcomed on my first meditation course that I’ve now completed three. Absolutely love Cathy’s way of working and can’t wait to do my Reiki level 1.

If this approach resonates with you
and you’d like more information

Spiritual Circle sessions £30