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ReAlign the alchemical way

Personal Healing Sessions

Help you to understand, heal and empower the future you wish to create for yourself.

When people start to look for healing, they are often unsure where to begin. With so much choice available it can feel overwhelming to know which is the right approach for you.

If you work with someone who specialises in only one modality it can also mean you are restricted to one approach. So where do you begin and is there another option?

Personal Healing Sessions

Humans are a blend of experiences, layers of energy, spirit and soul, all of which contribute to who we are in any given day.

In more traditional cognitive-based talk therapies this isn’t usually considered, meaning many are left with a feeling that they have told their story, but the feelings attached remain unchanged.

If we instead consider ourselves through the ReAlign™Alchemical system we are Human (physical mind), Ethereal (emotional heart) and Soul (soul and spirit), all of which require different access points and healing methods just as the Ancients understood throughout time.

Ancient healing practices used a blend of different approaches, the right energies, and the right timings to access this deeper healing system for all of who we are. This is where quantum shifts happen. This is where we truly evolve.

Everyone approaches their healing work differently. Some start knowing what it is that they wish to work on. Others may not know where to begin, but sense that there is a more authentic and fulfilling life waiting for them.

The ReAlign™ approach means that regardless of where you are starting from, this toolkit will help you to understand, heal and empower the future you wish to create for yourself.

‘We cannot ignore our pain and feel compassion for it at the same time.’ Brene Brown 

‘We cannot ignore our pain and feel compassion for it at the same time.’ Brene Brown 

I just wanna show gratitude to you and that I have connected with you in this lifetime. The guidance and home that I feel when, once again I understand myself more through you.

You already know that you are a light in this world and the knowledge you hold is amazing! Thank you for being you and guiding the source.

Thank you for everything, I feel very lucky to have met you and been guided towards starting my journey and am excited to see what 2024 will bring.

I know you can see into hearts and I am so hoping that you can see what is in mine.....the most enormous gratitude and sense of blessing and privilege for all you have done for me and for being able to be part of something magnificent for so long. THANK YOU.

Cathy is the most amazing person. I had a very successful hypnotherapy session with her. She has a wonderful, unique way of making you feel at ease, and with such a calming voice, she took me to a complete state of relaxation like I had never experienced before. So highly recommend. Thank you Cathy X. Cant wait to start with all the other exciting groups! Thank you so much for enriching my life!

I had just one session of Reiki on my back, and the results were amazing, all the tension and strain went. Thank you

I felt so welcomed on my first meditation course that I’ve now completed three. Absolutely love Cathy’s way of working and can’t wait to do my Reiki level 1.

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