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Alchemist Archetypes

Tarot Reader Training

Tarot Reader Training, fan of tarot cards - The Green Room Therapy, Norwich, Norfolk









Learn how to use the Alchemies of the Archetypes with the Tarot Reader certification

In this Norfolk based training course you will learn about the history of tarot, the knowledge of the cards from Rider Waite himself (through my direct lineage), and how to use these energies to support your life and others through the expression of readings.

Scholarly research demonstrates that tarot cards were invented in northern Italy in the mid fifteenth century and were originally used for gaming before becoming more associated with divination Alchemists. They crossed into the boundaries of Psychology through Carl Jung’s work with the theory of the Archetypes and were linked through Aleister Crowley to the practices of the Occult. There are many ways Tarot can enhance your life and those around you, whether used as a part of a professional service or keeping it all to yourself as a personal interest.

What does this course include?

This is a 2 day training course, held at the weekend.

Over the days you will learn all you need to know to unravel the magic of the tarot and become a Tarot Reader. There is no exam requirement, this is a vocational course. On completion of this course you will be awarded the ReAlign™ accredited certification.

Course syllabus includes:

Module 1 – History of Tarot and it’s Modern Day Application

  • History of Tarot- including my lineage
  • How Tarot can be applied in a therapeutic practice
  • The benefits for your clients

Module 2 – Understanding your toolkit

  • The differences between Oracle and Tarot cards
  • Choosing your cards
  • The relationship between Visual Language and Energy
  • Exercise

Module 3 – Psychological Approaches

  • The Jungian Approach
  • Introduction to the Archetypes
  • Psychology of Symbology and our Subconscious mind
  • Ethics and Professionalism

Module 4 – The Reading process

  • Set up – Galvanising your deck, Preparation ritual
  • The Meanings of the cards- the significator, the minor arcana, the major arcana, the suits, numerology, and the four seasons of the cards, patterns of cards
  • The Celtic Cross spread
  • How to conduct a reading
  • Supervised Practical time

Module 5 – Learning your Tarot Language

  • Tarot Journaling for CPD
  • Online Exam
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What does completing this training mean for me?

Once you have successfully completed the training, you will be a ReAlign™ Tarot Reader. All ReAlign™ courses are accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association which allows for Professional liability insurance and the ability to work with clients professionally. I advise graduates to take their time with their new skills, building your confidence through experience is invaluable. I will be available for CPD sessions as you begin if this is of help to you.

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Tarot Reader Training cost £500

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