Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD

affects around 32% of people in the UK.Our past experiences have an impact on everything we do and are directly relative to our behaviour and outlook on life. When we suffer with PTSD it can be impossible to see past the traumatic experience that created the block.

These past events are held deep in our subconscious mind which makes up around 88% of our entire mind and so although we may not be consciously aware of them still affecting our present day they could be keeping you in the past.

Our subconscious mind by design is there to protect us by absorbing whatever trauma we are facing and filing it away so that we may get through whatever we need to get through. Until we find peace with these past traumas they can continue to play in the background, affecting everything we do, feel and perceive.

Hypnoanalysis speaks directly to this part of the brain finding the echos that are still playing out from the past- once you are aware of what is still affecting you we can find peace with these past echos by releasing and reframing each individual event and the emotions connected with them. Leaving you with a clear and neutral outlook for the future.

These sessions combine Hypnotherapy and EFT and vary from person to person as we all have unique timelines and personalities. On average however they can vary from 3-12 sessions.