Youniversal Sound Bath July 21st 2-3pm 2024


This is a 1 hour course.

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Immerse yourself within the sounds of the Universe so you may experience yourself through the Planets energies.

Planet Gongs are tuned in conformity with the natural harmonic series based in the orbital properties on the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the Planets according to calculations of Hans Cousto. They resonate in harmony with the cycles of the celestial bodies and communicate a distinct aspect of the ‘music of the spheres’. Their sound quality is exquisite and mysterious allowing you to become instantly connected with the universal atmosphere.

This session also offers 6 light bathing spaces, rest amongst the sounds of the universe while the light language speaks to the brain through colour and symbology.

Some of the Planetary frequencies this session will offer include-

  • Earth 3rd Octave C3#/cis-136,10 Hz, 4th Octave A4/a’-432,10 Hz
  • Moon 3rd Octave G3#/gis-210,42 Hz, 4th Octave A4/a’-445,86 Hz
  • Mercury 3rd Octave C3#/cis-141,27 Hz, 4th Octave A4/a’-445,86 Hz
  • Venus 3rd Octave A3/a-221,23 Hz, 4th Octave A4/a’-442,46 Hz

These sessions are very popular so book quickly if you’d like to attend. These sessions are an hour and all mats, cushions and blankets are provided.

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Event Details

Date: July 21, 2024

Start time: 14:00 BST

End time: 15:00 BST

Venue: The Green Room Therapy, Number 3, Stody Hall Barns, Stody, NR24 2ED

Phone: 07752 372728