Sedona Red Rock Alchemy Bowl



7″ D#-15 Octave 4

The Sedona Red Rock Alchemy Bowl is a triad vortex sandstone blend from Sedona Cathedral Rock, Bell rock and Airport rock mountains. Created through intentional living design to initiate accelerated consciousness with frequencies that resonate in honour and recognition of the Native American harmonic. Representing Earth, to remind us that we are travelers upon it with the importance of honouring all she provides.

This bowl sings in a wise and holding D# note which works with the higher sacral chakra: this is a balancing of energy portal aiding the adrenal glands.

Creativity, emotional balance, connection, socialising, truth, rejuvination, calming, calrity, creative expression, community, grounding, solidarity, flow, acceptance, love, focus, presence.


We recommend you purchase the appropriatly sized  Crystal Tones ® Nylon Carry Case to protect your bowl in transit, details can be found here.

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