Platinum Alchemy™

Crystal Tones ® Singing Bowls 

Divine Feminine- Adrenal/Sacral Chakra- Harmony and Balance

8″ Bowl D# -25


The Beautiful Platinum Alchemy Bowl hold yin energy and conenction to the Divine femaninity within. This bowl is a balancer and harmoniser of grounding energy encouraging you to feel loved within its energetic embrace. The energies of this bowl help to calm stress, sooth loniness and  connect to the astral plane where all is well. The rainbow irridecence of this bowl is most glorious in person reminding us of the of the true colours we all hold within.

This bowl is energetically connected to the Adrenal/Sacral chakra which is our chakra for energy flow, the Platinum Alchemy frequencies work  to support those who suffer with stress, depression, hormonal imbalances bringing better alignment/flow to the other chakra centres with a nurturing feminine love.

The Element is Air.

Email for more information about the Platinum Alchemy Bowl or Listen to a video recording  (if you can use earphones).

We recommend you purchase the appropriatly sized  Crystal Tones ® Nylon Carry Case to protect your bowl in transit, details can be found here.

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