Pink Ebony Aura Gold Alchemy Bowl



8″ F#+45 Octave 4

The Pink Ebony Aura Gold Alchemy bowl (Ebony Rim) is a rare treasure. It helps you to tap into the divine infinite and enter the depths of your unconscious. This high frequency alschmy resonates love and the pure energy of the Magdelene. Bringing unconditional love as it activates the heart centre encouraging the deepest healing.

This bowl sings in a mid tone F# note which works with the higher heart chakra: this comforts and heals the inner child, offering a safe shelter to heal past neglect, welcoming true and unconditional love and a hand to hold while they take their time to learn to trust again.

Compassion, nurturing, understanding, empowerment, safety, kindness, empathy, innocence, purity.


We recommend you purchase the appropriatly sized  Crystal Tones ® Nylon Carry Case to protect your bowl in transit, details can be found here.

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