Mother of Platinum Alchemy Bowl


Rebirth- Thyroid/Zeal Chakra- Cleansing Ancestral Feminine
10″ Bowl G# +15

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10″ G#+10 Octave 3

This beautiful Morph Mother of Platinum Alchemy bowl is a natural fusion of pure quartz to create a warm embrace, comforting like the womb where you first began this incarnation. It allows one to soak up the different elements and minerals from the healing Monroe Hot springs through sound. This is the perfect bowl to nurture a loving kindness of the wounded inner child’s voice and establish balance, the connection to water healing and encourages forgiveness and acceptance.

This bowl sings in a deep and loving G# note which works with the thyroid chakra: this aids in balance of communication and helaing of the endocrine system.

Divine Mother, Home, Safety, Love, emotinal balance, worthiness, connection to angels and spirit guides, kindness and forgiveness.



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