Indigo Alchemy Bowl


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9″ D+45 Octave 4

This beautiful Indigo Alchemy bowl offers a quantum- healing tool, the indigo clear bowl links the pituitary gland and skeletal system, helps clear the mind and frees the past. It invokes the master within and gives clarity to psychic abilities and speaking ones’ truth. The Indigo carries a third eye vibration of those who are fully realised at birth- natural spiritual teachers. It assists them in aligning with Earth energies. This bowl is perfect for Indigo children/adults and for visioning global peace.

This bowl sings in a soothing D note which works with the sacral chakra: this aids in connection to our Earth rememebring we are on it not of it. Supports our transitional time of aiding Gaia as she heals and elevates.

Healing, pituitary gland, bones, cleansing, clarity, psychic abilities, self expression, authenticity, alignment, awareness, connection, balance.

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