Grandmother Alchemy Bowl


Mother Gaia – Thyroid/Zeal Chakra- Nurturing and Grounding
7″ Bowl G# +30

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Grandmother Alchemy™ Bowl

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Mother Gaia – Thyroid/Zeal Chakra- Nurturing and Grounding
7″ Bowl G# +30

The Grandmother Alchemy Bowl Celebrates the nurturing energies of the Crone. Mother Gaia is the energy associated with the Crone and offers her feminine wisdom to those who call to her. Supporting, nurturing, loving and accepting of all that you are ans hold within. The Shamanic energies carry a strength and purity of our human existance, reminding us of all that the Earth has to offer us, blessings and abundant possibilities. This special bowl brings forth the support of your female line, and reminds you of your place upon the Earth/Gaia to make a difference in this new world in all of your glory.

This special bowl works with the Thyroid/Zeal chakra portal, enabling you to learn to let go of ego and work from a place of love, not fear. This is the place where dreams begin to manifest and this can be a vulnerable space to those who feel alone, call upon the Grandmother energies to hold you while you learn to make these changes for yourself. She is always there.

The Element of the Earth.

Email for more information about the Grandmother Alchemy Bowl or Listen to a video recording (if you can use earphones).

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