Grandfather Alchemy Bowl Tall


Shamans’ Knowledge- Throat Chakra- Sage
8 Bowl G +5

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Grandfather Alchemy™ Bowl Tall

Crystal Tones ® Singing Bowls 
Shamans’ Knowledge- Throat Chakra- Sage
8 Bowl G +5

The Grandfather Alchemy bowl tall connects us back to the earth and the wisdom of the ages. Within the Earths’ elemental kingdom we have access to all of the energies of the ancestors, this is the Grandfather vibration of honour, patience and knowing. A calming and supportive strength that only comes with experience and watches wisely for the right time to step in and assist. This can be experienced as a Shamanistic energy, grounding us back to our roots, helping us to remember who we are and the ancestral strength we hold within ourselves.

This particular bowl works withe the throat chakra portal and enables us to work with these energies when feeling like we have lost the ability to speak our truths. We can gather the courage required to make the first brave steps of speaking our truths, feeling empowered within our place on this earth to express exactly what feels authentic to our soul. This is where true Alignment begins and from this space we can flourish, livivng the life we were always destined to live.


The Element of Earth.

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