Frankincense Platinum Alchemy Bowl


Spiritual Growth- Higher Heart Chakra- Energy Acension
7″ Bowl F# +25

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Frankincense Platinum Alchemy™ Bowl

Crystal Tones ® Singing Bowls 
Spiritual Growth- Higher Heart Chakra- Energy Acension
7″ Bowl F# +25

The Frankincense Platinum Alchemy Bowl helps your spiritual growth working to elevate and expand your spiritual awareness. Frankincense has long been used within spiritual practices and has always been known to be a connector of the earth the the ‘heavens’ refered to in many ancient scripts.

The Platinum components help to clear stresses and help to connect you to the intuitive part of yourself unifying the astral and physical bodies. Platinum carries Divine Feminine frequencies that work to balance and support the connection to the ether. A beautiful and truly empowering bowl for anyone seeking a higher support.

This beautiful bowl works with the Higher Heart Chakra portal supporting an ability to feel safe within the Divine feminine energies, to let go within the safety of  faith and love. Connect with the unlimited wisdom of the higher conciousness and reawaken your spiritual senses beyond any human limitation.

As I let go, all becomes clear.

The Element Air.

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We recommend you purchase the appropriatly sized  Crystal Tones ® Nylon Carry Case to protect your bowl in transit, details can be found here.

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