Ebony Moon Alchemy™ Bowl ON HOLD

Crystal Tones ® Singing Bowls 

Lunar /Universal Energies- Thyroid/Zeal Chakra- Lunar Dieties

7 Bowl G# -50

By the light of the Ebony Moon Alchemy Bowl, we can connect with the lunar energies through our rituals and spiritual practices. This rare and most sacred alchemy bowl is sure to be a future collectors item. Working with the universal frequencies and the ebony vibrations we can be aware of the limitless potential of ourselves and of the space beyond the stars.

The lunar energy is so powerful she commands the gravitational pull of the tides, oceans and seas. We are ourselves made from over 80% water and why the Lunar energies have always had such relevance with spiritual work. This very special bowl works with the Thyroid Chakra which is the space where it is said dreams become manifest, opening us up to the opportunity to create abundance in the right cycles of our own being.

Dream big child, we are listening.


The Element Air.

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