Eastern Vibes Sound Bath May 19th 2-3pm 2024


This is a 1 hour course.

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Eastern Vibes Sound Bath healing can be dated back thousands of years, is associated with many different cultures and can be offered using a variety of different techniques and bowls.

These special healing sessions are offered with sounds of the East at the heart of their intention.

In these sessions I blend the unique healing qualities of the Japanese harp (Monochord), Wind Gong and Peter Hess® therapy grade singing bowls. These are made by hand in Nepal and India and in accordance to ancient methods. Years of research and clinical studies have gone into this technology, they are made of quality bronze enriched with other metals which work with specific healing frequencies associated with the different levels of our consciousness and brainwave states.

Depending on the situation and activities, our brain generally vibrates in frequency patterns between 0.5 and 32 Hz. Regarding the different states of consciousness, a distinction is drawn between four common rhythm ranges:

  • Beta 13 – 21 Hz: conscious awareness; concentration, attention, intellection performance
  • Alpha 8 – 12 Hz: everyday trance, daydreaming, right before falling asleep, light relaxation
  • Theta 3 – 8 Hz: altered creativity, profound meditation, sleep, measured in shamans during rituals, profound relaxation
  • Delta 0.4 – 3 Hz: Deep sleep, fainting, most profound meditation, trance, profound hypnosis

A state of light (alpha state) to profound relaxation (theta state) generally prevails during sound healing sessions this depends on the individual physiological and psychological response to relaxation. All frequencies support a more relaxed way of being as the sound waves work to re-calibrate our immune system.

Some of the frequencies this session will offer include-

Universal Joint Bowl – this singing bowl excels in vibration and is particularly suited for use at the reflex zones of hands and feet, and at the joints. With its intense vibration, it has an outstanding releasing effect on tension and blockages. Its sound is often described as “eventful.” Frequencies: 100–2,800 Hz

Large Heart Bowl – Since the heart area is a very sensitive part of the body, this bowl was designed to produce more gentle vibrational characteristics. Frequencies: 200–1,200 Hz

Small Pelvic Bowl – this singing bowl presents low sound and mainly activates the belly area and lower back. Frequencies: 100–1,000 Hz

These sessions are very popular so book quickly if you’d like to attend. These sessions are an hour and all mats, cushions and blankets are provided.

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Event Details

Date: May 19, 2024

Start time: 14:00 BST

End time: 15:00 BST

Venue: The Green Room Therapy, Number 3, Stody Hall Barns, Stody, NR24 2ED

Phone: 07752 372728

Email: thegreen.roomnorfolk@gmail.com