Dead Sea Salt with Grandmother Alchemy™ Bowl

Crystal Tones ® Singing Bowls 

Sacred Purification and Healing- Heart Chakra- Wisdom of the Ages

8 Bowl F +25


The Dead Sea Salt with Grnadmother Alchemy Bowl is a unique frequency working with sacred purifying to what has been, and a loving Feminine support to feel held and supported. The Dead Sea salt works with the Heart chakra portal to encourage soul cleansing which will allow you to feel more balanced within your own energy- including karma, ancestral, trauma blocks. The Grandmother Gaia energies support our Soul as we work, holding us and grounding us to a spcae of safety and love. We can allow this process knowing we are not alone, and that we have the connection to the Earth supporting our journey.

The Grandmother Gaia energies remind us to connect to our heritage, call upon the Grandmother energies to hold you while you learn to make these changes for yourself. She is always there. The Dead Sea Salt with Grandmother alchemy bowl is a powerful fusion of unconditional love and sacred purification.

You are safe within my loving embrace.


The Element of Water and Earth.

Email for more information about the Dead Sea Salt with Grandmother Alchemy Bowl or Listen to a video recording (if you can use earphones).

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