Dead Sea Salt Androgynous Indium Alchemy Bowl


Sacred Purification- Pineal Chakra- Yin and Yang Balance
6″ Bowl A# +45

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6″ A#+45 Octave 4

This beautiful Dead Sea Salt Androgenous Alchemy Bowl radiates the light of Ascension I AM ONE by illuminating the interior life, a fulness of integration inhabits one’s male/female duality. The dead sea salt has been used for centuries to rejuvinate and heal the body, releasing the negative.

This bowl sings in a high and gentle A# note which works with the pineal chakra: this aids in connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, aids rebalance in our human and soulful existance and where we begin to travel to the other dimensions.

Self Reflection, Violet Flame, conductor, cleansing, home, ancient wisdom.



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