Charcoal Tall Alchemy Bowl


Cleansing and Purification- Earth Star Chakra-
12″ Tall Bowl C# +10

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12″ C#+10 Octave 3

Move into uncharted spiritual and physical dimesions with the pure crystal charcoal alchemt bowl. A grounding tool for today’s rapidly accelerating and expansive energies. The ultimate sound portal for clarity, personal vision and release of physical, emotional and spiritual toxins.

This bowl sings in a deep and reverant C# note which works with the root chakra: grounding, protection, earthing, stabilising, centering to the inner knowing of unity.

Detoxifying, Cleansing, neutrality, balance, fire, Reiki, Earth, Unity, purification, protection, concentration, wellness, alignment.



We recommend you purchase the appropriatly sized  Crystal Tones ® Nylon Carry Case to protect your bowl in transit, details can be found here.

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