Charcoal Alchemy Bowl


Cleansing and Purification- Earth Star Chakra-
12″ Tall Bowl C# +10

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Charcoal Alchemy™ Bowl (Tall)

Crystal Tones ® Singing Bowls 
Cleansing and Purification- Earth Star Chakra-
12″ Tall Bowl C# +10

The Charcoal Alchemy Bowl uses charcoal which has been known as a purifyer and cleanser for centuries, highly reguarded in Ancient Egypt and Japan as an antidote for it’s spiritual and physical healing properties. The frequencies from the Quartz and Charcoal blend help to purify the earth star energies before entering all of the main chakras. This very powerful energy portal is a perfect way to introduce the purest source energy before working with the chakras through soundbaths, meditation, yoga or crystal work. When we prepare and honour the energy in this way the energy healing potential is limitless.

The Charcoal used for this bowl has been a part of a sacred Japanese ceremony and has been infused with Platinum to encourage physical and astral connection.


The Element of Earth.

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