Andara Alchemy Bowl


Universal Wisdom- Crown Chakra- Cosmic Energies of the Unified Field
6″ Bowl B +40

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6″ B+40 Octave 5

The Andara Alchemy Bowl is the sacred flame of the heart. Unique green coloured volcanic stone, working with the sacred flame to activate the heart and burning away any obstacles that keep you from living fully in your heart presence. The crystal andara is the lesser known ‘cousin’ to Moldavite and potent in it’s offering.

This bowl sings in a high and connective B note which works with the crown chakra: aiding in universal connection, unity, support and interdimesional travel.

Healing, awareness, vibration, DNA activation, psychic abilities, clearing, balancing, self realisation, protectionm intuition, divine self, peace, harmony, joy, wisdom, creativity.



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