Past Life and Future Life Workshop

Because so many of you have expressed an interest in Past Life and Future Life Workshop, I run a very special price workshop once a year to introduce you to this wonderful work.

It is said our soul will pass through many lifetimes on its soul path experiencing many lessons along the way- using Past life regression and Future life progression we can to connect with energy and information of these lives. This can help us to understand elements about your current life and it’s direction.

Imagine being able to connect with your future self to ask their opinion with the benefit of hindsight on your current situation….or understanding why you may feel an awareness of things that may have been collected from past life’s experiences….you can.

This two session workshop includes:

  • The first session you will be guided to the Past Life you would most benefit from learning about in your current situation to bring back knowledge and energy that could support you now.
  • The second session you will connect with your far distant future self to gather information about what is happening in the future, advice they have for you now and a better sense of your souls purpose.