How common are Fears and Phobias and what support is available near to Norwich?

Suffering from  Phobias or Fears is one of the most basic human emotions, around 11% of the population have fears and phobias of some kind and this can feel very restrictive to the opportunities life holds. The Green Room Therapy in Norwich can help you move past these.


How Does Fear Affect Us?

When our brain perceives a danger from  phobias or fear our fight or flight system kicks in and triggers an emotional response, to protect us. It is programmed into the nervous system and works like an instinct. It is designed to protect us and works as a survival instinct to ‘keep us safe’ even if the perceived threat isn’t life threatening the response can feel this way.

The Fight or Flight Response

This inbuilt protection of coarse has positive benefits, keeping us from genuine danger and in some situations even saving our lives, however in modern life it is also over used for perceived threats that have been learn because of the emotions connected to past situations. Unfortunately this perceived danger of things that pose us no real threat that can hold us back from enjoying life.

Hypnotherapy and E.F.T. and Peace finding

By understanding the root cause of these fears and phobias, finding peace with the original initial sensitising event (ISE) or events and reprogramming how the brain and energy body responds to these you can regain control in your life and no longer feel restricted. Leaving you to choose what you want to do in life without the worry of this as a restriction.

While phobias vary they can be divided into one of two catagories- simple phobias and complex phobias. Depending on the depth of the phobia sessions averagly vary  from 1-5 sessions.