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Past life Regression Session

A Past Life Regression Session helps us to connect to our many incarnations of our soul’s timeline to understand more about ourselves through our past lives.

What is Past Life Regression?

When we connect to our soul’s timeline we can learn so much more about ourselves and out imprints than we may be consciously aware of in everyday life. People often experience a resonance with places/ eras/ people and have a sense of Deja Vu or a kind of home feeling with that cannot be logically explained or sometimes reoccurring dreams of places/situations that you know haven’t come from this life. Often people are curious of these and while it can be easier to shrug them off, if instead we explore what these mean to your layers of soul can make fascinating connections that also help us to make sense of our current life and our souls’ evolvement. Travelling back to past life memories using past life regression is a really fascinating experience because there is so much to explore. So whether it’s for fun, healing, knowledge or empowerment past lives work is a powerful experience that can be used to gather a deeper insight into yourself. There are so many ways to use Past Lives here are just a selection of how it may help you-

  • Personal Relationships
  • Soulmates and Life Lessons
  • Connect to and bring forward positive energy
  • Connect to past life talents, skills and experiences
  • Release past life traumas, anxieties or fears
  • Heal Past Life Physical traumas
  • Bring forward knowledge of your current life’s purpose and align direction
  • Connect to other eras of yourself and the world around you
  • Learn a more in depth perspective about your soul
Past Life Regression

How does Past Life Regression work?

Working with a qualified therapist you will be taken into a meditative state when you will be guided back to your past lives where you will be asked a series of questions that will bring answers to you using visualisations, feelings or senses. Asking the most appropriate questions to help you benefit in this current life.

Accessing the unconscious part of your memories allows you to become aware of how the trapped energy or trauma could still be affecting your current life’s choices or beliefs these could be-

  • Things left undone
  • Past Karma
  • Accomplishments and Purpose
  • Love
  • Guilt and Trauma
  • Next life’s purpose
  • Soul Connections
  • Soul’s purpose in this life

What should I expect from this session?

The session itself is comparable to a guided meditation, you will be guided to the past life that is most helpful for you to learn information about (this could be for a particular soul imprint/concern/time zone etc) and from there I will ask you a series of questions to be able to access specific information that could be of use to you / where relevant help you to heal past life trauma.

This is a very different session than that of a guided past life meditation because it is interactive, and the only way you can get the most from this experience. Sessions can be booked as an individual session or as a series of three for soul mapping purposes. Soul mapping is helpful when clients feel they’d either like to explore more than one life or they have three unconscious lives/time zones/ soul trauma/ specific incarnations they’d like to explore. I have been fortunate enough to have trained with the very best spiritual teachers to be able to bring these sessions to you, to see whom I have trained with please click here.

Individual sessions are 60 minutes, you may prefer to book a series of soul discovery sessions if so please let me know when booking as discounts may apply.  Contact me on the link below for more information or to book your session.

Souls’ timeline work can also include Future Life Progression check all details here.