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Reiki Level Two Training in Norwich

Price £145

Reiki Training Level Two is when you will use what you have already learned in level one, be introduced to the sacred symbols and their uses and learn how to connect these to your healing practise in a more specific way.

Reiki Level Two Training Norwich

Reiki Level Two Training

June 21 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Reiki Level Two Training in Norwich

Reiki Training Level Two is when you will use what you have already learned in level one, be introduced to the sacred symbols and their uses and learn how to connect these to your healing practise in a more specific way. You will learn how to make your healing sessions personal and also how to send healing to people over space and time. At this level you will also receive your Reiki Level Two certification which will enable you to get professional liability insurance to begin working with clients.

As with level one you will also take part in a sacred ceremony to gift you the Level two breath of the Masters and take some practical time as a group to learn hands on under supervision. In this time you will have a opportunity to ask any questions you may have to build your confidence so that when you leave the training you are ready and raring to go.

As with all of the training I offer places are limited for you to have the correct support available within the group as you learn.

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What Happens after my Reiki Healing Training in Norwich Level Two

As your Reiki Master I am always on hand to support you as you learn and this continues after the training so that I may help you with anything that comes up as you transition into finding your way with this wonderful gift.

We also organise Reiki Shares for the training groups so you may come together and practise while you build your confidence (as well as have the benefit of the healing in the session). Dates are offered via our facebook page and monthly newsletter so do sign up to be kept updated.

Why Train in Person rather than online?

There are a lot of Reiki Training online courses and I get asked a lot if they are worth considering. The Reiki training requires an ancient sacred ceremony where the Reiki Master passes the Reiki breath to the Reiki student- this can only happen in person and is an integral part of the training.

How will I feel?

I have no idea! Everyone feels differently after their Reiki attunements some have described it as being like an awakening, others have described it as an inner peace or acceptance it is personal to you and your energy. What I do know is that it comes to us all in the way that is authentic to us and this is sent with love and support for you to be able to share this intention with others.

Other benefits to being Reiki Attuned

Other benefits my students have told me they have felt being Reiki attuned include-

  • Deeper Connection to Meditation
  • A deeper awareness of your Life’s Purpose
  • Sharper Intuition
  • Inner Calm and the ability to rise above the everyday world
  • Intuitive prediction/Being aware of what’s about to happen
  • Improved Psychic ability
  • Deeper perspective of everyday life/less frustration or anger
  • Improved Energy awareness of self and others
  • Improved Sleep
  • At Reiki Level Two you will learn how to personalise your healing practise with the use of the sacred symbols
  • At Reiki Level Two you will learn how to send distant healing to yourself and others – without the need of them in the room
  • At  Reiki Level Two you are at the required level to practise as a Usui Reiki Practitioner

What is included in Level Two Reiki Training?

On the day we will enjoy teas and coffees on arrival and over the day learn everything you need to become a Certified Reiki Practitioner.  Lunch is included (please let me know if you have any specific dietry requirements) as are all notes on the information given on the day. This way you can really get involved in a very practical way which I have found helps my clients to learn much more effectively.


  • Introduction to the Reiki symbols and how they help
  • Practical hands on time throughout the day
  • Sacred Attunement Ceremony
  • The Power Symbol
  • Understanding the Symbol
  • Using the Power Symbol
  • The Mental/Emotional Symbol
  • Understanding the Symbol
  • Using the Mental/Emotional Symbol
  • The Distance Symbol
  • Understanding the Symbol
  • Using the Distance Symbol
  • How to Activate the Symbols
  • Reiki Self Healing
  • Using Reiki with other therapies
  • Reiki hand positions
  • Presentation of Level Two Certificates

‘Thanks Cathy for a fab day. Learnt loads and feel totally inspired. Loved meeting all you amazing ladies who were so kind, friendly, fun and supportive. Impressed with results of first self healing session today!’

Thanks Cathy for a fab day

‘A really fabulous day, learning so much information. Also working with some lovely ladies. Thank you for everything Cathy, you are truly amazing. We are so blessed.’

Learning so much information

‘Was a truly fab day. You ladies were all flippin lush to train with. Such a nice vibe. Can’t wait to get practicing.’

Was a truly fab day

‘It was an amazing day thank you! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing knowledge with us. It truly was a special time.’

Amazing day thank you

‘The most incredible day, life changing. My whole mindset has shifted. Thank you Cathy my Guru!’

Thank you Cathy my Guru!

Thouroughly enjoyed the Reiki course very inspiring. Cathy is a fantastic teacher so glad to have completed it. A great training with lovely people.

Wonderful experience and a great teacher, Your Content Goes Here