Project Description

Learn how to use the energy of the Moon’s phases to manifest your goals

Only £85 for a 6-week class

The Moon and its phases have such a fascination for people and these set of four Guided Meditations will teach you much more about them. We will look at the four main phases of the moon, understand what affects these have and how we can use this phases moonshine for meditation to manifest your intentions.

How will These Classes Help me?

The Moon and her phases have fascinated us for hundreds of years and are noted in many ancient writings.  Her powerful energy alters tides, weather patterns and also acts as a planetary timer to our solar system. Did you know however that the Moon also affects our mood, emotions and wellbeing too? We are made up of around 70% water and so makes complete sense that it would.

Did you also know that you can use the Moon’s phases to manifest the life you dream of? To be able to use the Moon as a tool to create the life you want, you simply need to become aware of the lunar cycles and understand the basic principles of manifesting. 

In this set of four classes, you will learn all about the four main moon phases (info on demi phases also) and how you can use the energy in each phase to support you to manifest the goals you set for your life. You will also be given a booklet on all of the information in class, including a moon diary and access to the meditations online so you can incorporate this powerful work into your own personal routine.

How Bohemian are these classes and do I need to be an experienced Meditator?

No experience is required as these are guided meditations.  In modern life, we have sadly forgotten how to use the most basic and powerful knowledge from our ancestors. These classes help you to reconnect to some of that knowledge by taking us back to our roots…these classes are that. We can all benefit from this knowledge to empower the choices we make for ourselves and our lives. Kaftans are not a prerequisite!

The Science of Meditation

Do I need to bring anything?

Comfy clothes, I provide all equipment needed (mats, blankets, cushions) however if you have any specific comfort concerns you are welcome to bring equipment you may benefit from using. All I ask is that you come with an Open Heart and Mind ready to embrace new ways of being.

How do these classes work and what’s included?

Over the four weeks, you will learn all about the Moon’s main phases and learn how to use these in the monthly moon cycle.

You will be given information on the best crystals to use in each phase while you Meditate to supercharge your intentions, have the Moon diary explained for that phase and then experience a meditation on that week’s phase.

The Guided Meditations include-

  • New Moon Meditation
  • Waxing Moon Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Waning Moon Meditation
  • A booklet on all the information in class 
  • A Moon Diary
  • Access to the Meditations online for use at home

How do I get involved?

You can book your place easily on the website ticket service, simply choose the date you would like to join us and fill in the number of places you would like and press book! Apologies I cannot hold any places due to the popularity of the classes and the limited numbers so booking confirms your place.

Having been to a few of Cathy’s classes I knew these would be good, and was so excited to learn more about the Moon as it’s always intrigued me. I was not disappointed! The Moon Diary makes it really straightforward and points me in the right direction without having to read loads, having these meditations for home also will help me to make sure this a regular thing (which I can be a bit rubbish with). Cathy, I feel supercharged and ready to manifest and cannot wait to begin in the next new moon phase. Thank you as always xx

I feel supercharged and ready to manifest

I found this course informative and fun. I learnt so much, and have enjoyed practising what I have learnt at home. We covered so much over the weeks, and having access to the meditations at home via the Green Room website is great. I would highly recommend this course to anyone starting out on their meditation journey or like myself use meditation regularly, but want to learn more and look at meditation in more depth. Cathy is so lovely and friendly and puts everyone at ease. She really knows what she’s talking about and it was a real joy to attend this course. Really looking forward to the next one.

I would highly recommend this course

I went to Meditation classes with The Green Room Therapy and found the whole experience so relaxing would highly recommend! I loved learning about each of the subjects we covered and feel a lot more enlightened! Thank you also for the essential oils I am using them with my Meditation at home and they really take it to another level. I can’t thank you enough lovely lady xx.

Found the whole experience so relaxing would highly recommend

Fly me to the Moon and let me manifest my stars! Perfect Cathy Thank you x

Fly me to the Moon,