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Project Description

Stay in the present and learn how Mindfulness can improve your quality of life

What is Mindfulness Read More here – Living in past trauma, or worrying about future concerns can have a huge affect your present state of mind can feel overwhelming. When we use Mindfulness to relearn how to respond from the heart instead of reacting from the head we can improve our quality of life and Wellbeing. This course will help you to do that in a practical and modern way.

Mindfulness Meditations

April 25 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply living in the present moment without judgement. This is a way of relearning how we experience the small details of the world around you and build an appreciation and gratitude for the world around you that perhaps you had forgotten about.

When we learn how to do this and begin to experience life through the heart rather than the head we learn how to respond to situations rather than reacting to them which in turn helps us to relearn how we see the world on a daily basis to improve wellbeing.

What is the Format of these Mindfulness Classes?

These classes are a set of 8 one hour sessions and over the eight weeks you will be given an explanation of Mindfulness, the science behind how it works and we will explore many ways you can learn how to be Mindful in everyday life. There will be a Mindfulness Meditation and exercises for you to complete each week to make sure you are learning how to live Mindfully not only inside the sessions but outside of sessions too, giving you a real opportunity for realistic change. The group size of this set is held to a maximum of 10 people so you can benefit from individual support if needed.

What’s the Difference between Mindfulness and Meditation?

Although Mindfulness and Meditation are similar, there are some key differences. Mindfulness is more about being in the moment and paying attention to your thoughts and your environment without judgement- living in that moment completely. Where as meditation is more focussed on connecting to your mind and higher self knowledge.

See it as this when we meditate we are connecting to the deepest parts of our awareness inwardly, when we are mindful we are paying attention to the outward elements in more detail in the moment.

What is Mindfulness?

What are the Benefits to Mindfulness?

There are many ways learning to be Mindful can help you in modern life, it does not mean ‘just meditating’. Here are just a few areas it can support you-

  • Practicing Mindfulness can improve both your mental and physical health.
  • Being Mindful also means to be in a heightened state of awareness focussing the attention and calming the mind of monkey chatter.
  • Breathing techniques will help you to learn how to manage anxiety or stress working with the fight or flight responses.
  • Learning to use the breath as a source of calm, energy and focus throughout your everyday.
  • Become more aware of your thoughts without judgements keeping you within the present moment and not the past or future relieving overwhelm.
  • Create a positive mindset to manifest alternate outcomes.
  • Can ease Depression by offering alternate ways of seeing the world promoting in the moment appreciation and gratitude.
  • Can help you to improve your communication skills and empathy with others.
  • Mindfulness helps you to remain in control of your thoughts and reactions to others learning to respond and not react.
  • Can improve your Empathy skills and Emotional Intelligence.

Do I need to bring anything?

Comfy clothes, I provide all equipment needed (mats, blankets, cushions) however if you have any specific comfort concerns you are welcome to bring equipment you may benefit from using. All I ask is that you come with an Open Heart and Mind ready to embrace new ways of being.

How do I get involved?

You can book your place easily on the website ticket service, simply choose the date you would like to join us and fill in the number of places you would like and press book! Apologies I cannot hold any places due to the popularity of the classes and the limited numbers so booking confirms your place.

I love Cathy’s meditation classes, and I have attended quite a few over the last few years.The classes are so varied, thoughtful and I always come away with a new insight, relaxed and with a feeling of having been met. Thank you Cathy x

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I felt so welcome on my first meditation course that I’ve now completed three. Absolutely love Cathy’s way of working and can’t wait to do my Reiki level 1.

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I attended Cathy’s guided meditation sessions which really opened my eyes to the truth meaning of total relaxation. As a mature student I have had to juggle university work and being on a placement, plus a house move. I do not think I would have been able to cope had I not learned how to be more mindful.

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