Project Description

Welcome in new energy and reconnect to an authentic confidence to manifest your future

Only £85 for a 6-week class

If you need a little boost of energy and confidence these Wellbeing Classes will take you out into nature to awaken you from your inner hibernation. Over the six weeks, you will welcome in energy and renewal, let go of judgements, reconnect to your authentic self and be available to trust in your abilities moving forward.

How will These Classes Help me?

Life, our relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves are so complicated and can become apart of our inbuilt belief system, labelling who we believe ourselves to be. This can all affect our energy and confidence as a result and so taking time to stop, relearn and renew our energy and confidence from time to time is a healthy way to begin a deeper well-being.

In these classes, over the six weeks you will be taken on beautiful journeys in nature where you will relax, take in a new energy, relearn who you are by letting go of others judgments, and connect to the gifts your future self-knows you could benefit from right now to empower your confidence for the future.

These classes will benefit anyone who is looking to take back control of their energy and confidence by choosing who they want to be for themselves.

Guided Meditations for Renewed Energy and Confidence fetured

Will I know what to do and will I feel safe?

Yes…. These wellbeing meditations are written to combine relaxation, higher self-connection and to include very gentle layers of therapeutic techniques to hold and support you as you work.

Do I need to bring anything?

Comfy clothes, I provide all equipment needed (mats, blankets, cushions) however if you have any specific comfort concerns you are welcome to bring equipment you may benefit from using. All I ask is that you come with an Open Heart and Mind ready to embrace new ways of being.

How do these classes work and what’s included?

Over the six weeks, you will be taken on beautiful journeys in nature to empower your energy and confidence. In each class, you will be given an opportunity to relax, connect and re-establish who you are and who you want to be. These 45 minute Guided Meditations include:

  • Calming Breath Focus and Relaxation (learning to stop)
  • Re-energise and Renew your New Energy
  • Reconnect to your true self with confidence
  • Letting go of Judgements from others and yourself
  • Welcoming trust and support to create a healthier future
  • Feeling empowered by gifts from your future self

How do I get involved?

You can book your place easily on the website ticket service, simply choose the date you would like to join us and fill in the number of places you would like and press book! Apologies I cannot hold any places due to the popularity of the classes and the limited numbers so booking confirms your place.

I feel supercharged and raring to go! Thanks so much for these classes- to be honest I wasn’t too sure what to expect from them but you made it so straightforward and enjoyable I’m so glad I took the chance to take part. I would recommend these for anyone who literally needs to take some time for themselves to recharge as it’s all really positive. The class were all really lovely down to earth people and I found them genuinely a great gang so will be excited to do more classes in the future. Thanks Cathy xx

I feel supercharged and raring to go!

Cathy has literally opened my eyes to things about and within myself that I never thought possible. She has also helped open my mind to new insights and concepts. I am so happy that I found her that day. It was meant to be. Nearly everything resonates and her meditations are my sanctuary. Thank you Cathy x

I am so happy that I found her that day. It was meant to be.

I already feel that I am looking at things differently and changing the way that I react or respond to certain situations. At some point, I would like to come and see you to try a Reiki session but I will see how I get on over the next few weeks and let you know. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance and helping me to see things differently. I don’t think I could have done it without you!

Helping me to see things differently,