One to one sessions The Green Room Therapy offer a free initial consultation of half an hour.

One to One Sessions at The Green Room Therapy

One to One sessions at The Green Room Therapy are offered to those looking for a more personalised approach and prefer to work privately on whatever is holding you back. You’d be very welcome to book a free initial consultation to see how a one to one session at The Green Room Therapy may help you. These are around half an hour in length and at a time that suits both of our diaries. I offer this because it gives us a real opportunity to talk through face to face about how you are feeling, I can also go into more detail about how the different techniques may help you and together decide the most appropriate way to move you forward.

One to one sessions The Green Room Therapy

I say personalised because that’s exactly what it will be and is super important to use this approach as is the only way anyone can get authentic longterm effects. If from here you feel I am the right therapist for you and I also feel that you really want to make these changes for yourself we can book you in to begin your work.

What would help me?

Most clients benefit from a combination of modalities (tools/approaches) as they all have a powerful place (and limitations) on your complete healing journey. This is often why I get many clients come to me whom have experienced a more ‘traditional counselling’ approach previously and still feel like there was some work left to do. This is common and can be easily explained as each tool accesses different parts of our complete self, traditional counselling works with the logical/ conscious mind and so is limited to just this, when we are working with trapped emotions or DNA imprints we work with very different tools to heal and thats where my approach is very different and at a much deeper level.

The Subconscious mind and the energy body all hold ’emotional echo’s’ in their own way and so have to be approached with the tools to access them accordingly, of which we have many. It’s important to me to have only trained with the leading experts in their fields to ensure that my clients are offered the best possible standards, so rest assured all of the approaches offered are based on scientific evidence (not opinion). If this is of interest to you please just ask I’d be happy to explain, for a list of whom I have trained with please see here.

The tools and techniques I offer can be used as a stand-alone session or as a combination of sessions whatever feels right for you, if you are unsure of this we can talk this through together in your intial consulation. Having all of these many ways of working under one roof means that wherever your work takes you, you can feel confident that you will not have to keep explaining your feelings to someone new and can instead spend the sessions understanding and healing whats held at this much deeper level. If you have any questions about how this way of working could help you, you are very welcome to get in contact here. I look forward to welcoming you. We are based just outside of Norwich off the Ipswich road at Mangreen Country House, Mangreen Swardeston for location details click here. 

Here is a small selection of some areas you could benefit from support with.
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Talk Therapy sessions Norwich

Talk Therapy

Hypnotherapy Sessions Norwich


EFT Tapping Sessions Norwich

EFT Tapping

Reiki Healing Sessions Norwich

Reiki Healing



Past Life Regression Sessions Norwich

Past Life Regression

Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression

Chakra Rebalance sessions

Chakra Rebalance

I don’t know where I would be today without her.

one to one sessions

‘What is not to recommend I was in the depth of despair this time last year and this lovely lady has helped me in every way possible hypnotherapy, Reiki and then the beginning of the year I started meditation sessions. They have helped me so much I finished the last sessions last night I have never felt so good about myself, happy in myself too which I haven’t felt in years yes she is my guardian angel  I know I can call her anytime and she is there for me, I don’t know where I would be today without her.’

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