Norwich Reiki Healing Sessions | (pronounced Ray Key) is a Japanese word consisting of two characters ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’

Norwich Reiki Healing Sessions | Rei -Ki literally translates as Rei- sacred or spiritual and Ki- Energy. Rei represents the invisible or holy spirit and Ki the physocal energy of feelings. This sacred healing support system has been passed down from Master to student since ancient times and when taught is trained in three levels, only a Reiki Master who represents this healing at the highest level can train others. Dr Mikao Usui is the father of the more recent school of Japanese healing since his redescovery of the practices around 100 years ago, I am proud to represent a direct Reiki lineage which includes the very first female Reiki healer (origionally was only for men to qualify), a Hay House Reiki Author/expert and Dr Usui himself. There are many variations of Reiki, but to summise all healing works with the emotional and spiritual bodies and is open to all belief systems because it is not based on any religion, but instead spirituality.Reiki is channelled from the source through the practitioner and into the client as healing energy. This will assist your journey and encourage healing to support you in anyway it can for all that is destined for you. I say this because sometime people are lead to believe that healers can ‘play god’ with outcomes and this is simply not true. Any ethical spiritual practitioner will always advise that fate is fate, no one human has the power to change this however Reiki will support you with whatever that means for you on your journey.

Norwich Reiki Healing Sessions

Norwich Reiki Healing Treatment

Reiki healing sessions are a wonderful way for clients to access welbeing without any need to procatively take part in any work as such. Its a support to those who feel they need a ‘spiritual time out’ either as a part of their complete healing programme or as a stand alone session. Reiki Healing sessions are exceptionally relaxing the recipient lays on a massage bed (fully clothed) while listening to calming music, smelling beautiful aromatherapy scents and candlight. The Reiki practitioner gently places their hands in a series of non-intrusive positions on the body (the hands remain still) moving from head down to feet, channeling healing spiritual energy for mental/emotional/physical and spiritual imbalances. This means whole person is treated rather than specific areas, which is more beneficial to the client for overall balance.  Sessions at The Green Room Therapy Norwich and are 45 minutes.

NB Reiki Practitioners are not trained to diagnose or predict any specific outcome from the treatment if you experience this with a Reiki therapist walk away as it can be misleading and dangerous to your overall welbeing- if you have any concerns with your symptoms you should always consult your G.P.

How does Reiki Healing Feel?

Norwich Reiki Healing | Everyone experiences this healing differently depending on their individual needs at that time. Some clients experiences include a calm and peaceful sense of wellbeing, deep relaxation, a gentle warm glowing of heat or an electrical tingling, visualisations of colours, some experience a connection to spirit guides or loved ones, often clients will describe an emotional release or a letting go feeling at a deeper spriritual level. Each session is personal and no two are the same as we are different in each day and so need different things from each day as a result. The beauty of these sessions is that it will come to you in whichever way you need it for your highest benefit, without you needing to control it allowing for harmony to be restored. After a Reiki session often people can feel the healing still working for you so it is advised if possible for you to take it as this does what it needs to, drink plenty of water as this also helps the energy body to be nourished.

When can Reiki help you?

-When you are experiencing challenges in life -Calming for children
-Emotional Healing after Therapy -Promotes Connection to your spirituality
-Supports Etheral Healing which in turn can support physical welbeing -Relaxation and Improved Sleep
-Supportive during Pregnancy -Supports the transition between this life and the next

How much Reiki will I need?

Norwich Reiki Healing | There is no hard and fast rule with the number of healing sessions you may benefit from, some clients choose a single session where others enjoy and benefit from the experience so much they make it a part of their regular welbeing routine. Healing sessions can also be combined with Chakra Cleanse, Heal and Reboot sessions if arranged ahead of schedule (to allow for the extra time) see information here.  Reiki Sessions are and hour in length and offered at £4o. If combined with the Chakra rebalance/Chakra Crystals and Chakra Sound bath this is 90 minutes and costs £60. Please note a discount is offered to Cancer Patients at any stage of their journey which is arranaged prior to the session booked. Please contact me here with any further questions or to book.

Norwich Reiki Healing