Mindfulness Classes Norwich – Mindfulness Meditation is a practise and can help us to live in the current moment to improve our quality of wellbeing.

Mindfulness Norfolk |Learning how to focus the mind

If you have been considering how Mindfulness may help you to love a better quality of life please read on. Living in past trauma, or worrying about future concerns can have a huge affect your present state of mind and so learning how to focus the mind with mindfulness meditation (Find out more) can be very helpful if you find yourself in negative thinking patterns. This is a management system or training to focus the mind on the moment you are in, the small details of the world around you and build an appreciation of alternate elements of life perhaps you had forgotten about. In doing so we can learn how to be aware of, become more in control of thoughts and feelings which may have been unconsciously fuelling negative thinking patterns to improve wellbeing.

Where does it Come From?

The origions of mindfulness are believed to have begun within Buddhist practices and has been practised for hundreds if not thousands of years. Most likely originated from ancient meditation practices, essentially it is a practice you engage in to calm the mind and relax the body helping yourself to stay in the moment.

What is Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation?

In modern times Jo Kabat-Zinn is the founder of mindfulness based stress reduction, his research interests are focused mainly on the mind-body interaction and it’s aid to healing. He is also focussed on the clinical applications of mindfulness meditation training, and the effects of this on the brain and the immune system- he has written many books on this and won awards for his work. This is the approach I use with private clients and within my classes, because it is a very hands on practical way to integrate mindfulness into modern life and so means that you can begin to use it straight away to help your to train in new ways of being.MBSR techniques include –

  • Group/Individual discussions
  • MBSR exercises
  • Mindfulness Meditations
  • Journalling
  • Mindful Me Plans
  • Homework to complete on each of the weekly subjects
  • Unlimited access to the Mindfulness Meditations for home use.

Our Norfolk based Mindfulness program is designed to understand a variety of areas of life we can use mindfulness including a Mindful me plan so you can firstly connect to what areas could be of most help to you to realign. If you are happy with group settings this is offered as 1 hour sessions over 8 weeks and costs £115 if you would prefer to arrange this as a one to one it is offered as 60-90 minute sessions over 4 weeks and costs £240. Please feel free to use this mindfulness meditation to the right to get a general idea of how ‘staying in the present’ can feel. For more information please feel free to contact me here.

Some of the Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Practicing Mindfulness can improve both your mental and physical health
  • Being Mindful also means to be in a heightened state of awareness, calming the mind of monkey chatter/anxiety/stress.
  • Learning to use the breath as a source of calm/energy/focus
  • Become more aware of your thoughts without judgements of the past or future
  • Create a positive mindset to manifest alternate outcomes
  • Promotes a living in the moment mindset
  • Helps to train your focus and concentration
  • Can ease depression
  • Works very gently at the pace of the client – so can be integrated as a total lifestyle change ot just areas of choice.
  • Can help you learn how to calm the fight or flight system/panic attacks/ overwhelm.
  • Can bring with it clear mind thinking which promotes better energy and welbeing.
  • It’s common to help people to feel more in control of their emotional welbeing/ reactionary state.
  • Learning to respond from the heart and not react from the head.
  • In a group setting can also connect you to like minded people.

Call me today for details on our Norwich, Norfolk based Mindfulness program at The Green Room Therapy for more information 07752 372728