Meditation Classes at The Green Room Therapy in Norwich

Meditation Classes | The Green Room Therapy

Our Meditation Classes in Norwich are held in the most beautiful space that is Mangreen Country House on the outskirts of town, parking is available at the location and free of charge. What makes our wellbeing classes even more special is that they have been written to incorporate gentle layers of therapeutic techniques to enhance relaxation, connection and wellbeing work so that you can continue to benefit in and outside of class.

We have the nicest people in our groups – genuine, supportive and real. Our belief is that Wellbeing Meditation is for everyone -we can all do it. It is simply learning how to calm the mind, connect to ourselves and believe in our intuition. When you can do that and integrate this into our everyday life  all the answers you seek are already within yourself ! We would love to help you to learn how to do that.

We have classes for guided meditations, meditations for stress and anxiety, meditations for energy and confidence and many more, please see below.  Mindfulness Meditations will be launching in Spring 2019.

Thank you Cathy for leading me through my first course in meditation.

I got so much from the 6-week course, I can’t tell you how much it helped me to have that hour out each week to focus on healing. If anyone is searching for some inner peace and strength I’d highly recommend these classes.

Each course has a key to help you decide what may be best for you, hover over the key below to find out more about the courses.

Classes and availability

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