Meditation Classes Norwich at The Green Room Therapy

Our Meditation Classes are held in the Sanctuary building at Mangreen Country House on the outskirts of Norwich. Parking is available at the location and is free of charge. What makes our wellbeing classes even more special is that they have been written to incorporate gentle layers of therapeutic techniques to enhance relaxation, connection and wellbeing work so that you can continue to benefit in and outside of class.

Our Meditation Classes are grouped into three categories including Beginners Meditation, Mindful Guided Journeys and Mindfulness Classes.

The Beginners Meditation Classes are a workshop format combining practical knowledge with a new subject each week building confidence with your intuition and learning some of the many different ways you can meditate.

Guided Meditation Journeys are wellbeing escapes- 45 minutes of pure relaxation where you can access gentle wellbeing in a variety of serene landscapes.

Mindfulness Classes are offered as a general Mindfulness workshop where you will learn what mindful is and establish your Mindful imbalances creating a Mindful me plan or The Mindful Moments series – which gives you individual Mindful Meditations to experience and then practice at home on a specific subject. All details are on the links below.

In all of our classes you will be provided with mats, cushions, blocks, blankets and water- chairs are also available if you prefer. If you have any specific comfort needs you are also welcome to bring your own equipment that could benefit you.

We have the nicest people in our groups – genuine, supportive and real. Our belief is that Wellbeing Meditation is for everyone -we can all do it. It is simply learning how to calm the mind, connect to ourselves and believe in our intuition. When you can do that and integrate this into our everyday life  all the answers you seek are already within yourself.We would love to help you to learn how to do that.

We have meditation classes for guided meditations, meditations for stress and anxiety, meditations for healing, meditations for relaxation and escape and many more, please see below.  If meditation is your thing you may also like to check our Spiritual Workshops as these also include meditations on the subjects offered.

Norwich Meditation Classes and Availability

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Beginners Meditation Classes

Pure Relaxation Meditation Classes

Guided Journeys for Relaxation

Meditation Norwich

Guided Journeys for Stress

Meditation Norwich

Mindfulness Classes

Meditations for Healing

Guided Journeys for Healing

Mindfulness for Anxiety

Mindful Moments for Anxiety