Manifesting Spiritual Workshops – Norwich

Manifesting Chamber Spiritual Workshop

You are manifesting right now, did you know? Are you drawing to you want you want though?

Manifesting Spiritual Workshop

The Law of attraction, like attracts like and Manifesting are terms most of us are aware of, many turning to quick fix gimics in an attempt to attract their hopes and dreams with no avail.

The truth is (sorry to be blunt) there is no quick fix, that isn’t authentic energy. It is instead a way of being, just like mindfulness or healthy living regime,  but there are somethings that could help you to create a Manifesting routine that if used regularly can help you get better results.

This workshop will help you with some practical ways to encorporate authentic manifesting into your life by learning how to honour and respect it, create space and rituals for regular manifesting sessions and by also learning the importance of giving back.

Manifesting Spiritual Workshop

What is included in the Manifesting Spiritual Workshop?

Our Spiritual Workshops are held on a Sunday morning once a month and so you will ease into the day with a cup of tea or coffee, just as Sunday’s should be. Then you will learn all about the subject matter, make notes if you wish, experience practical exercises if appropriate and enjoy a meditation on the subject.

This Manifesting Spiritual workshop includes-

  • Popular misconceptions and pot holes
  • The Laws of Manifesting -scientific approach-including ego, love and time.
  • What you believe you will recieve-personal blocks
  • Allowing Abundance to become receptive
  • The importance of setting a regular intentions practice
  • Gratitude, Faith and Acceptance
  • Ritual for Manifesting using crystal grid work
  • Meditation -Manifesting Chamber

Do I need to bring anything and how do I book?

There is no need to bring anything other than a notebook and pen if you’d like to take notes, you are welcome to bring a water flask if you would like to also.

Parking is on site and free of charge, our very special workshops are held in the Sanctuary building at Mangreen Country House, this was origionally built for the amazing energy of the grounds because it sits on lai lines, so very special.

To book you can just click on the link above. If you would also like to make it a day of Soulful Self Care you’d be welcome to stay for a cream tea after the workshop offered by our partners at Mangreen and the Crystalline Sound Bath which begins at 1:30pm all details here just make sure to book ahead.