How Inner Child Healing can help find peace with childhood trauma

Working with Inner Child Healing

is one of the most powerful ways to free our inner child from any negative echo’s of the past.

Inner Child Healing works with the energy held since childhood

Inner Child Healing works with the child within and is some of the most powerful work you can do for your wellbeing. When we are born we are neutral and complete all perfect in our individual ways. We learn what the world is and who we are within it from our parents or carers, school and friends at the early age. Most of these foundations are created between the ages of 0-7 years old as our brains, expectations, relationships, self esteem and perceptions are formed.

Self perceptions created in early years can affect us all of our lives alter our feelings, choices, and behaviours

If your’ experiences have been traumatic or negative these can at a very early age create labels of self that continue into adult life creating perceptions, behaviors, coping strategies and relationships that are simply not right for us. Consciously we may feel confused with the choices we make or find that certain situations that happen now in adult life feel much emotionally wounding than we may logically believe to be appropriate.

By connecting to our Inner Child and supporting them in the healing they are still in need of, we can also free the adult. We use a combination of techniques with this work and always make it personal to your individual needs. This would be a combination of Hypnotherapy, EFT, Reiki Healing and Meditation.

Session amounts vary from client to client but averagely between 3-8 sessions