Interested in how Hypnotherapy or Meditation may work for you?

Hypnotherapy or Meditation? We have entered the January twilight zone of advertising and socials where the priority is to be better…thinner….MORE…….To set resolutions or possibly unrealistic goals setting ourselves up on a negative before we have even digested our Christmas lunch.

Am I the only one who asks why?

I’m a bigger fan of being authentic, happy and calm and so I wanted to share with you some ideas if you’re also on team #Wellbeing rather than team #Pressure.

Hypnotherapy or Meditation

My wellbeing journey began when I found myself mid 30’s in a corporate job I hated with no lust for life and just plodding. I didn’t recognise who I was anymore and had no idea how my life’s purpose had gotten so lost. Don’t get me wrong this is the shortened version and I had a whole lot of baggage I needed to work through but to start that I had to STOP. And for that I knew I needed to explore alternate therapies as the more traditional ones had not helped and so turned to Hypnotherapy or Meditation.

Hypnotherapy or Meditation

I remember going my first Hypnotherapy session I was excited, scared, hopeful and unsure. I had watched different T.V. Hypnotherapists demonstrate humiliating theatre tricks on people and really didn’t know what to expect.  I was worried ALL the skeletons of my past may appear at once and bite me on the bum, would I lose control, could I even ‘do it’ whatever that meant. Cutting to the chase it changed my life, so much so I retrained because I knew this was something I had to share with people who also felt stuck as it was so simple and effective.

Feeling this good I didn’t want that to be it and looked into ways I could nurture this new found confidence and belief in myself which lead me to the thought of Meditation. With so many different Meditation styles on offer I learned very quickly (OMM was not doing it for me) to start with Guided Meditation as this allows you to be supported while you learn to switch off and connect for yourself. We are all so busy in life nowadays that we are unconsciously trained to be able to manage our hyper-stress and noise without realising it which in turn affects us in exhaustion, illness and depression. In the short term this is manageable…in the long term this is very damaging as it very easily becomes our norm so to find ways to manage this is crucial to maintain energy to keep going.

IT WAS AMAZING! Don’t get me wrong this did not happen straight away and was a training of sorts, but once I had learned to do stop the noise of the world outside, centre my focus with my breath and connect I found all the answers I needed were within…truly. A few years on I use Meditation for any everyday needs whether it be to question choices, check in on emotions or imbalances, to self heal, to forecast future opportunities, or to manifest desired outcomes.  It works and everyone can do it – it’s just learning how.

If you are interested in how Hypnotherapy or Meditation may work for you I offer an initial consultation free of charge for private clients and run a Variety of Wellbeing Meditation Classes all year round in Norwich- it would be lovely to help you learn to trust in yourself too.