Hypnotherapy for confidence

Hypnotherapy for Confidence Norwich |Confidence and Self Esteem support in Norwich

Hypnotherapy for Confidence Norwich and Self Esteem | Often people can get Confidence and Self Esteem confused and so it’s important to distinguish between them to start.

Self esteem reflects a person’s overall emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgement of oneself as well as an attitude toward yourself. This can become affected by traumatic events, relationships, childhood and even from the relationship you have with yourself. You can be left feeling not worthy or overwhelmed at the thought of making changes in your life. At The Green Room Therapy in Norwich we have all the tools to help you reconnect to the real you.

Hypnotherapy for Confidence allows us to talk directly to this powerful part of the brain

Our subconscious mind is around 88% of our complete mind and is where all of our memories, emotions, habits and behaviour forming perceptions are held. So even though consciously we maybe aware of how we feel, we may not know why. Hypnotherapy allows us to talk directly to this powerful part of the brain and understand where your individual low self esteem began. Using a variety of techniques we can understand your personal timeline, find peace with the emotions connected to them and reprogramme old negative messages for more empowering and positive ones.

Confidence in oneself

Confidence is having confidence in oneself and your abilities whether this is around a specific event or to find more gusto in your options in the future as a whole. Remembering just what you are capable of and getting it.

We are all born with a complete true confidence, and this can unfortunately be chipped away at in life by society, expectations, and loosing connection to our inner voice. The voice that knows deep down what is right for us. Hypnotherapy allows access to that special part of the brain which accepts we are all individual and that our confidence starts from within. Meditation helps us to connect to this true inner voice and train ourselves to make this a part of everyday.

Confidence and Self esteem sessions vary in number depending on the individual but to understand this more I offer a free initial consultation contact me here to arrange.