Hypnotherapist Norwich – My name is Cathy Cookson, I am a Psychotherapist & Energy Worker based in Norwich

Hypnotherapist Norwich

If you have been considering using a Hypnotherapist, please read on as there are more options to healing emotions for the long term than you may be aware of.

Having worked in the Corporate field for many years Cathy retrained in her mid 30’s at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, Norfolk to become a qualified Hypnotherapist Norwich and Counsellor. (National Hypnotherapy Society / National Counselling Society)

Recognising the benefits of combining different tools to her clients she went on to further train and qualify as an Energy Healer with AAMET -E.F.T. Practitioner and Usui Reiki Master, Advanced Past and Future Life Progression Hypnosis Norwich Practitioner and Meditation Teacher, and Mindfulness (MSBR) Teacher. Bringing in tools to work not only with the conscious mind (which is only around 12% of the entire mind)  but also subconscious mind and energy body as well to provide longer term results.

‘To be able to work with people providing tools to help them to change their lives is the best job in the world. I watch my clients with pride as they understand, heal, and empower themselves to realise their full potential in whatever way this means to them. Blending whichever combination of techniques suits that individual ‘s needs which may include:

Working as a Hypnotherapist and Energy Worker means my clients have all the tools needed to work through Past, Present and Future Concerns.

That’s a huge statement I know but I see it every day. When we find peace with the past subconsciously and energetically bringing knowledge and direction from the future we connect. We become our most authentic selves. From there we are able to create the right life for us because we are the right us.

This is incredibly powerful work and changes lives on a daily basis – Genuinely read the testimonials page

This is a real game-changer in the ‘therapy world’ because it is solution based -unlike traditional counselling (which recent studies have proven only empowers these negative emotions further). With these techniques we can instead actively understand and heal the emotions trapped subconsciously and energetically. This is incredibly powerful work and changes lives on a daily basis (see testimonials).If you would like a chat as to how this work may help you and you feel ready to make some changes in your life do give me a call or email as I offer a free initial consultation to talk through options. It would be a privilege to work with you and explain how simple these changes can be.’

Cathy works from her private practice set in Mangreen Country House, Mangreen Swardeston near to Norwich, Norfolk  with free parking available on site. Skype sessions are also offered as an effective tool for all modalities with the exception of Reiki, so please feel free contact from anywhere in the U.K.


 Trained with- Anna GrantGrant Paice-Patrick Martin-Anne JirschBlue Marsden-Jacqui Maclean- Karl Dawson

Hypnotherapy Norwich

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