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Exam Wellbeing | Exam Season is a time that requires calm, considered focus. Yet, for many students this period can become stressful and overwhelming leaving many searching for exam support to achieve the best they can while remaining emotionally O.K.

If you could benefit from exam wellbeing Norwich please read on as we love to help you to plan, believe and succeed at this special time in your life, by learning some very simple tools to help.

How will this Exam Support help me?

In our Exam Wellbeing Norwich Workshops we will include a variety of positive tools to help you to calm the nerves, build self empowerment and set exciting goals for the future to help support you to achieve your very best potential.

Do I need to bring anything?

A pen and paper for any notes you may wish to make, comfy clothes so that you can feel relaxed and most importantly a positive attitude towards learning new tools that could help you to help yourself.

exam wellbeing Norwich

How do these Workshops work?

These Exam Support sessions are offered as a day workshop and include-

  • Recognising external pressures, how these can make us feel and how to reduce their impact
  • The biology of stress and anxiety, how it affects us and what we can do to stay in control
  • Mindfulness techniques to stay calm and present in the exam
  • Positive revision planning for confidence and preparation
  • Revision set up and brain training techniques to empower your recall skills
  • Setting exciting goals for the future
  • Meditation on Future Forecasting to build confidence and direction

What does this cost and how do I book?

Each exam support session has limited numbers (to up to 14) to ensure any individual questions or challenges can be supported personally. There will be handouts available on the key areas of support so that you are able to practice what you have learned at home and set up your own exam wellbeing routine. If at anytime you feel you would benefit from any further assistance I will be available for one to one support if required.

On the day refreshments will be included, all we ask is that you bring your own lunch according to your dietry requirements.

100% of all event proceeds are donated to our charitable trust partners Mangreen Trust for their School’s OutReach project helping children in Malawi to have better access to educational facilities and empower their options for a better future- so this programme is supporting local children to support other children in need also.Please see details below.

How do I get involved?

You can book your place easily on the website ticket service, simply choose the date you would like to join us and fill in the number of places you would like and press book-the minimum donation of £20 per student will be taken at this time to reserve your place, however there will also be a donation box availiable on the day for anyone who would like to contribute further. I cannot hold any places and there are only 42 places avaliable so booking early is advisable.

Every Broadland High School student that worked with Cathy felt better for doing so. The students developed coping strategies and found the meditation work to be particularly effective in reducing anxiety and emotional stress. Some of the superlatives used to descibe Cathy and her work were ‘AMAZING’ ‘EXTREMELY HELPFUL’ ‘100% WORTH IT’. The school have decided to use Cathy to help the year 10’s prepare for GCSE Science and their mocks.Thank you Cathy! Broadland High School

Some of the superlatives used to describe Cathy's work 'AMAZING' 'EXTREAMLY HELPFUL' and '100% WORTH IT', Broadland High School

Thanks to the wonderful Green Room Therapy, invaluable wellbeing education skills available for life for our Inspiring Females to use throughout life at Norwich High. Thanks Cathy.

Invaluable wellbeing education skills, Norwich High for Girls
Exam Wellbeing

We are proud to be associated with Mangreen Trust as their prefered wellbeing partner. This means our classes, workshops and training days are seen by the board to be of a quality and authenticity to sit within their charitable trust’s ethos.

This also allows us to collaborate on exciting fund raising projects for local and outreach programmes combining Green Room wellbeing workshops/classes with Mangreen’s heritage and serene location.

All proceeds of this Exam Wellbeing Event are donated to-

‘The Norfolk-Dedza School Links’ works under the umbrella of the Registered Charity ‘The Norwich-Dedza Partnership’ (number 1113344, Charity Commission, March 2006)

We establish sustainable partnerships between Nursery, Primaries and Secondary (12 at present) in Norfolk and schools in the Dedza District of Malawi, Africa.  We believe that through such linking we can work together to motivate all involved, young and older people, to gain a fuller understanding of each other’s lives and realities, and commit to a fairer and more sustainable world.  Malawi is one of the poorest African countries.  When we visit Dedza, we find people who are peaceful, warm and welcoming.  They share our passion for education and its power to change lives for the better.  Their children work in classes of over 100 with one teacher and hardly any resources.  Girls, in particular, often miss out on schooling for a variety of reasons.  With an open mind, we find ways of making our links positive and sustainable.  All monies raised for ‘The Norfolk-Dedza School Links’ goes directly to the schools to support our joint learning projects and for Bursaries to send young people to Secondary school, which still has to be paid for in Malawi.  All volunteers are funded by British Council Grants or self-funded.  No money is taken for administration.  For more information, please see www.norwich-dedza.org