Earthing for Empaths Spiritual Workshops – Norwich

Earthing for Empaths Spiritual Workshop

Noise, information, Energy, noise, information, energy… this can be how it feels to be an empath creating the neefd to ground and keep yourself protected from being overwhelmed.

Earthing For Empaths Spirtual Workshop

If you are a sensitve or empath, the energy around us from others can have an overwhelming effect on your sense of calm. It can feel you’re on constant download with no restbite.

Empaths are highly tuned individuals who naturally absorb other peoples emotions, stresses and can sense the language of a person without words. If around negative situations they can feel their energy being drained from them without any control. The opposite also is true if around nature, sunshine, positive energy can feel a sense of recharging an opening of availabiliy of self to just be who they are with no need of restriction or defense.

Did you know that you can also learn to control your empathic gifts?

Learning what energy is, how to protect your energy and some simple practices to empower your energy field you can become the master of your special gift.

Earthing for Empaths Spiritual Workshop

If you are a healer, have an empathic child,are drained by negative people regularly or just want to learn more about this fascinating subject this workshop is recommended for those wanting to learn to manage this more positively for themselves.

What is included in the Earthing for Empaths Spiritual Workshop?

Our Spiritual Workshops are held on a Sunday morning once a month and so you will ease into the day with a cup of tea or coffee, just as Sunday’s should be. Then you will learn all about the subject matter, make notes if you wish, experience practical exercises if appropriate and enjoy a meditation on the subject.

This Earthing for Empaths Spiritual workshop includes-

  • Modern Life as an Empath
  • Understanding Energy, how it is transfered and how this can affect us
  • Relationships between Empaths and Narcisists
  • Protection strategies if you work as a healer, have an empathic child or are around negative people often.
  • Importance of earthing to help control emotions, set boundries and disconnect from the external environment.
  • Ritual to block others energy and keep your’s protected
  • Meditation to balance your energy centres, strengthen and protect your aura

Do I need to bring anything and how do I book?

There is no need to bring anything other than a notebook and pen if you’d like to take notes, you are welcome to bring a water flask if you would like to also.

Parking is on site and free of charge, our very special workshops are held in the Sanctuary building at Mangreen Country House, this was origionally built for the amazing energy of the grounds because it sits on lai lines, so very special.

To book you can just click on the link above. If you would also like to make it a day of Soulful Self Care you’d be welcome to stay for a cream tea after the workshop offered by our partners at Mangreen and the Crystalline Sound Bath which begins at 1:30pm all details here just make sure to book ahead.