Stress and Anxiety can affect us all, and over the last few years it has been responsible for a sharp increase in  NHS admissions. This can change how you think, feel, behave as well as how your body works.

It’s fair to say that a certain amount of stress in our lives is to be expected, and can sometimes even be beneficial to achieve our best. This is not the case when it begins to affect our lives and emotions.

The body reacts to stress with a release of adrenaline which in the short term helps us to get through whatever we need to get through for it to end. (Fight or flight) Society and life for many of us nowadays means that we can be reliant almost on this adrenaline to get us through the day- everyday….and this is where our long term adrenaline use can affect our emotional and physical health.

Anxiety happens when a stress or stresses are unresolved. It can leave you feeling irritable or low in self esteem and is based on fear of a what ‘may’ happen, not on what ‘does’ happen. It can be described as a layering of stress, where any reminder linked to the original stress can cause anxiety or even panic attacks, lack of concentration, sleep issues (to name a few) which consciously you may be unaware of.

Solutions for Stress and Anxiety

Using Hypnotherapy and E.F.T. we can access the subconscious and understand the initial cause or causes of the concern. By understanding these we can work through each specific layer, finding peace with held emotion connected to them and build new confidences using reprogramming techniques to create new responses to the original perceived threat.