Alchemy Bowls East

Welcome to Alchemy Bowls East a collection of Crystal Tones ® Alchemy Bowls UK made of pure, ethically mined quartz blended with crystals, minerals, precious gemstones and precious metals. We are proud to work alongside Genevra at Crystal Singing Bowls UK to bring these bowls to our community.

These unique pieces of art create symphonies of sound that work with our energy body for a profound soul healing experience.

Our DNA’s double helix structure is scientifically proven to be very similar to the structure of the crystal lattice. Alchemy Bowls  have powerful frequencies of sound activate the electromagnetic forces within that support harmonisation and alignment of our true selves. Sound healing frequencies have been used for thousands of years, with scriptures referencing their use in Ancient Egypt and Altantis within their practices and healing temples.

Each bowl works with a specific healing frequency, chakra energy portal, element and musical note.

You are welcome to explore our Alchemy Bowl gallery online or you may prefer to arrange a private showing.

Private showings are offered free of charge (15 minutes) on Skype or as a discovery viewing by appointment. (60 minutes £100)

To make an appointment please contact Cathy here.

Official Seller of Crystal Tones ® Alchemy Bowls UK- vary in price starting at £700.

Our discovery sessions offer an opportunity for you to privately view the collection (in person or online) and spend sometime exploring their differing frequencies, as you will experience every bowl is serenely unique. There are many ways that people can feel connected to these crystal beings and I look forward to exploring this with you.

Delivery ONE WEEK within the U.K.